Thursday, 17 May 2012

another new wk

Wed WI
didnt go to WI last wk but WI at home on fri at 14st 5lb so today at ww z ive lost 0.5lb in 2wks but actully lost 6.5lb since lst fri so now 13st13lb. now on n38pps a day

did 50mins aqua swim 38/38pps had 23.4grams fibre

50mins aqua
19.5g of fibre not as much as yday

Friday, 11 May 2012

As of tday im 14st 5lb thats going to change
right tday i got my new up wiv my mates help,
exeirse bike did 15mins l 6 dis 6.9 102cals
when to grays 4 lunch wiv grant
then in the evening grant took louis out to get a chippy so i did another 15mins on bike l  6 7.23 dis 108cals

Saturday was ok then had a nibble in evening as my mate came over

my new dryer came.
done bike l 6 not that fast but 5 dis 80cals
15.5g fiber


26mins l 6 141cals 9.5dis

150cals on bike

Friday, 4 May 2012

new wk

well not quite a few months but just a couple off days and im back, what have i been up too? well wednesday was WI at lost 0.5lb not much but it something it was also a extra girls night out while at least me n kim acted r ages lol, well we went to a curry house which was nice as ive never tryed it so a new 1 4 me :-)

thursday started gd but woke up late 7.40!! on a school day nnooooooooooo! so had a rush to get lou ready was ok on pps went to cinemra wiv grant saw Ameican pie was was brill
then got home at 2pm and and a big nibble of sweets n choc then had a spag bol that night.This photo was taken last weds b4 curry

Friday had 25.9g fibre 38/38pps

Friday Its a new day feeling bit slugish ganna try my best to be good, bit stress and caant c when i can go to gym as grant working every day till fri n theres bank hol mon so lou b home and i gotta wait 4 a delivery tues ( hope comes early .