Wednesday, 26 January 2011

time to start thinking!!!

i hate the pps plan tryed it 4 few wks but put on 7lb.

going bk to pts plan so il be on 21pts a day
put on 1.5lbs at wi today so im now bk up to 12st 9.5lb need get bk to my lowest of 12st 1lb witch will be hard but if i start writing on here EVERY NIGHT i should get bk itnto losting again! Just decid3ed wiv my hubby that i should accully start my deit on thurdays an on wednesdays i dont wi till 10am so i dont eat till 12noon.

Thursday 27th had a bekkie 2ps, going to Aqua swim @ 9.45am then will go to the gym will take a pk of fruites 0.5pts with me. burned 327cal. 21/21pts

Friday did Legs Bums n Tums then burned 1046cals at the gym!
deit was good till the evening wen i had some ice cream and shared a pk of cookies wiv grant as i had a massive headacke.

Saturday feel better no headake whaoo!
back on deit

Thursday, 20 January 2011

bk on pts

cant get on wiv pps, piut on 7lb, dam.
im 12st 8lb again

doing pts again so on 25pts a day
Thursday 20th jan did aqua swim then burned 986cals at the gym

Thursday, 13 January 2011

january 2011

well im now 12st 8.5lb again!!!!!!!! need to kick my ass.

Thursday 13th
i went to aqua swim then burned 674cals in gym, did 30min on wii fit did 2392 steps n burned 121 cals,
Im also bk on deit
friday 14th
did Legs Bums n Tums, burned 280cals in the gym n went disabiled swiming then din 30mins on wii 2526 steps 119cals
sat n sun were not good food wise
Monday burned 717cals in the gym