Sunday, 29 April 2012

feel more prossative

Right ive been reading my blog n ive sliped alot as last time i wote on this i was 12st 1lb n now im in the dreaded 13st ( i hate 13st) imm 13st 13lb :-(( not good i know.

Well now i feel alot better in myself, got rid of someone that i thought was a good mate( turns out she was useing me n slowly trying to cause arguments wiv me anbd the hubby, i let that go on 4 a few yrs but now my eyes r open)

I got a new group of friends n a really gd mate. after mths ive finally relized wiv help that it gd to have a treat day  after WI on Wednesdays

Now im on 38pps a day

yesterday i burned 376cals at gym.

2088 steps on the wii fit + in 30mins 141cals

38/38pp + 2 oppss
Today im uping my fibre intaken

Sunday intake 27g
Monday intake 27g

had two walk to n from gym as scooter died
593cals 14.3 dis 10788 strength at gym
found the fun size sweets ooppss

Went to cinemra wiv hubby n saw Avengers assemble
and did a good work out at a gd mates house over 300cals!!
stuck to pps tday 38/38 pps 24.2 fibre intake.
WI 2mo c how the scales go??

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  1. Love the blog Sam -ur doig great work at the gym and don't forget you earned an extra 5pp with the walking